Electronic Chanter

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    • Hello Malek,

      next to the Degerpipes 2+ I only know of the Redpipes which can be played with a Marktsack Fingering.

      The Redpipes are available in different designs. The Drones in the "droned versions" are just for show.
      So if it would only be fore practising, the redpipe classic (without drones or dragonehead) would be enough.

      But even the redpipe classic has different options like:

      Second thumbhole
      Shifted pinky hole
      optical or capacitive touch sensors
      etc etc...

      And therefore, it is very pricy. But same as with the Degerpipes 2+ it can play with several different fingerings. (second thumbhole for french half closed recommended)

      Other than those two kind of electronic pipes, I dont know of any which supports a Marktsack fingering.
      PDH - Preiset das Hümmelchen
      You know, Internet is a dangerous thing with all that sheet music out there...
    • Not a real instrument, but as long as you've an android cell and no iphone you may have fun with the peeb app fron Thomas Zöller? To be found in the playstore for ... 10 EUR I think? To memorize songs neat an easy. To LEARN piping no real option.

      But anyway, when using a usual practise chanter with martsack fingering, I can't imagine anyone will be annoyed? They're not loud at all...?